Dedicated to promoting and preserving the authentic Arabian horse. Our horses represent their glorious heritage through their “golden” dispositions, solid structure, correctness of conformation, and athletic abilities.

Characteristics of a




​A horse that has a solid mind. One that is sensible in how they respond to stimuli / new situations and is not over-reactive.


​A horse with balanced, correct structure without possessing major faults.

Breed Type


​A horse that is obviously an Arabian - proud self-carriage, large, expressive eyes, small muzzle with large nostrils, high tail set.


​A horse that moves freely and with natural impulsion.


​A horse with willingness to learn and enjoys having a job. A horse who wants to please.


​A horse who's heritage is filled with horses who meet the standards of a Dahabi Arabian.


Meet the horses of




Former Dahabi Arabians.

We were known for our stallions but it was our mares who were truly the stars!

Current Horses

Dahabi Arabians.

We have downsized and shifted

our focus from breeding to the enjoyment of our beloved Arabians.

Horses bred

Bred by Dahabi Arabians.

Dreams do come true. Every foal bred has been exactly that for us.




Our farm name, Dahabi Arabians, meaning “Golden Arabians” in Arabic, was chosen to reflect our ideals — our horses are “golden” in conformation, disposition, athletic ability, and pedigree. 

Quality of movement is of prime importance to us – the horse should be supple and balanced, moving freely with an elastic stride demonstrating natural suspension and a cadenced rhythm. Our horses are schooled first in-hand and then under saddle – with each horse receiving individual attention and a personalized training plan suitable to that particular horse’s aptitudes and current level of training.

Another key factor for us is disposition – we want a horse with an eager-to-please attitude, good work ethic and an overall willingness to learn. These traits are common with most Arabian horses . . . just another reason we choose to share our lives with this breed. As our horses are treasured family members and trusted companions, they are always treated with love, compassion, and our utmost respect. When we walk outside our horses nicker and run to meet us at the gate – they are as happy to see us as we are to see them!

While we used to breed several foals a year, our primary focus now is on enjoyment of our horses. Thus, we will only breed and / or have foals available on rare occasion

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