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Former Stallion

of Dahabi Arabians



2005 Grey Arabian Stallion

Sire: OM EL SHAHMAAN (*Sanadik El Shaklan x Om El Shaina by *Carmargue)

Dam: ASDIQA BADIEA (*Sanadik El Shaklan x Morsada by Asadd)

Breeder: Nancy Eklund-Hunsicker, Fair Oak Farm

In an effort to save my (now previous) marriage, I had sold my stallions Golden Ecstasy, Pharao, and Dahabi Rafiq (who had been gelded). I had planned on focusing my time on my family first, and hoped to have a mare or two to enjoy and possibly breed at some point down the line.


Breeding was something I was very passionate about, so in time it was inevitable that I began perusing stallions at stud - casually - on the lookout for just the right "future" husband(s) for my mares. While surfing the internet, I came across a young stallion that was offered for sale - his magnificent beauty and extravagant type stopped me in my tracks. As I wasn't looking to purchase a stallion, I moved on. However I couldn't stop myself from going back to his ad and reviewing his photos - analyzing every aspect of his conformation.


Thoughts of this stallion enveloped my mind - I even had dreams about him. After a couple of weeks of him monopolizing my every waking (and sleeping) thought, I decided to call his owner to see if she would consider standing him at stud until he was sold. She did not have plans to stand him and instead planted a seed in my mind that I should purchase him and stand him myself. I was conflicted, as I had recently let go of stallions I had loved deeply, and didn't think buying a new stallion would be something my (now ex) husband would be on board with. To my great surprise, when I mentioned this stallion to my husband, he confided he realized it hadn't been a good thing for my emotional well-being or for our relationship that he had forced me to part with my stallions. Being they were now all in loving, wonderful homes, getting them back was not an option. So he agreed that we could again get into the business of breeding with this stallion (and ONLY with this stallion, not multiple stallions as we had in the past). Almost in disbelief that he would support adding a stallion to our family again, I didn't waste time in contacting the stallion's owner / breeder and in short time, he would arrive at Dahabi Arabians.


Originally named Al Amir Shahmaan, I asked his breeder if she would approve of me changing his name to AMIR SHAKLAN - as he was a prince of royal heritage and I felt this name encompassed that more accurately. She agreed, and I began sharing with the world the news of his impending arrival. I was incredibly honored and humbled to share my life with an individual who so precisely represented the life-long breeding goals of some of the world's most accomplished and respected breeders.


Amir Shaklan, born of greatness . . . the son of National Champion Stallion OM EL SHAHMAAN, himself a son of the world's most influential sire of National, International and World Champions - *SANADIK EL SHAKLAN. *Sanadik El Shaklan was the headliner for his breeder Om El Arab International after the sale of his sire, the legendary *EL SHAKLAN (National Junior Champion Stallion of Germany, National Reserve Champion Stallion of Germany, Supreme Show Champion - International Show in Belgium). Om El Shahmaan's dam OM EL SHAINA was the result of crossing World Champion Stallion *CARMARGUE with the leading lady and foundation mare for Om El Arab, *ESTOPA (European Champion Mare, National Champion Mare of Germany, producer of National and World Champions).

Amir Shaklan's dam, ASDIQA BADEIA, also boasts an international pedigree filled with Champions. Her sire is the illustrious *SANADIK EL SHAKLAN, one of the most successful sires of National, International, and World Champions (see above). Her dam, MORSADA, is a straight Egyptian, Dahmah Shahwaniya mare. Bred by Mr. James Kline, Morsada is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of his internationally respected straight Egyptian program. She is a daughter of *ASADD+++ (National Champion Stallion, National Champion English Pleasure) out of the mare MORGANA. Morgana is a daughter of the Arabian legend *MORAFIC (Park and Halter Champion, sire of National Champions), known for his exotic type. Morgana's dam is a daughter of the mare *BINT MAISA EL SAGHIRA (National Top Ten Park & Halter). Several of Morsada's get have been exported, it is with great honor that we will be carrying on her line here in the United States with her grandson AMIR SHAKLAN.

Amir Shaklan embodies the many qualities sought after in a breeding stallion. Starting with his solid pedigree, it is evident he was bred to breed on. Amir Shaklan is the culmination of the world's most successful bloodlines - a pedigree built of National, International and World Champions . . . but his impeccable pedigree is only the foundation . . . Amir Shaklan is outstanding as an individual. He has extravagant type and charismatic charm; a balanced, smooth body and clean straight legs. His movement is powerful yet graceful, and he is adored for his kind, gentle disposition. His face is deeply chisled, and will only continue to become more defined and beautiful as he matures. His shoulder is deep and well-laid back, his neck high-set and arched. He is tight-coupled with a strong hindquarter.

When my marriage ultimately did fail a few years later, I had to say goodbye to my silver prince. He will always be one of my most devastating losses - saying goodbye to him was more heartbreaking than any other. His charm, beauty, and charismatic personality will always own a significant piece of my heart.

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