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Former Stallion

of Dahabi Arabians



2004 Chestnut Arabian Stallion

Sire: BURGUNDY SUN (Eclipse ofthe Sun x Rose of Fadl by Fadl Dan)

Dam: THE SUN HEIRESS (Eclipse ofthe Sun x Rose of Fadl by Fadl Dan)

Breeder: Annette Weber, Phara Farm

While I do not currently own any Phara horses, at one time my entire breeding program was based on the Phara lines. I have owned a number of horses carrying Phara blood - two of which were bred by Annette Weber (founder of Phara Farm) herself. In 2007 I founded the Phara Heritage Society to honor these classically beautiful Arabians. They always have and always will be some of the most striking horses I have ever seen.

Pharao was one such horse - as incredible in personality as he was classically beautiful on the outside. His birth was highly anticipated and when he was just two weeks of age, I made a trip to California to see him in person. He encompassed all that a Phara Arabian was known to be - balanced structure, naturally arched neck, huge dark eyes, extreme type, and the easy-going, friendly disposition that his Crabbet ancestors passed down through the generations. Even as a foal, his head had sculptured features and signs of a dark liver chestnut base coat were evident.

I did not hesitate and purchased this magnificent colt immediately. Now to come up with just the perfect name. Decades earlier, Annette Weber had discovered a young colt that would become the foundation of the Phara dynasty - Annette had named him Golden Pharao (La Flag x Bint Maaroufa by Fay El-Dine). Thus, in honor of Golden Pharao and all he represented to Phara Farm and with this colt being the beginning of my own Phara breeding program, I named him Pharao - Annette LOVED my choice!

That fall as a weanling Pharao made the journey from California to Montana. Though he had a dark, almost black coat at the end of summer, Pharao's winter coat was coming in much lighter. His mane and tail remained very flaxen, and the following spring he shed out to a bright, metallic chestnut with silky, almost white mane and blonde tail - just like Lewisfield Sun God. He was STUNNING!

Pharao was a playful, energetic colt with a huge personality. He loved to be with me and we would spend hours together every day. He was such a willing boy, and very smart. I remember thinking he was so easy to work with and train, it was as though he already knew everything I was teaching him.

Pharao was intensely line-bred, his sire and dam being full siblings. Pharao's pedigree had six crosses to the famed Lewsfield Sun God (Aaraf x Aarafa) - the horse who was the inspiration to the entire Phara program. At maturity Pharao was 14.3 - not a tall horse but one built to excel in performance. His substantial hindquarter, short back and solid bone contributed to his sturdy structure. Pharao went on to show great potential as a reiner and was a fantastic trail horse. His one and only foal was a Champion Reining horse at Scottsdale.

Life circumstances prevented me from retaining Pharao, and the year he was to breed his first foals, he was instead sold. I visited him two years later and was elated to see the immediate recognition and spark of happiness in his eyes when he saw me. It was incredible to see him again, yet heartbreaking to have to say goodbye to him a second time. His new owner, also a breeder of the Phara bloodline, changed his name to The Golden Sun - which he was in every way!

Sadly I never saw him again after that, as he died tragically the following year. RIP sweet boy - you were always so playful and had such a zest for life, never for a moment were you anything but kind and loving. Even after you left my care you never left my heart, and you will never be forgotten.

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