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Former Stallion

of Dahabi Arabians



1983 Grey Arabian Stallion

Sire: RAFFON++ (Gazon x Vadraff by Indraff)

Dam: TOPPERS BELLE (Mister Topper x Karillon of Noel by Walla Nar++)

Breeder: Larry & Marjorie Bidwell

Handsome" was truly one of the most amazing individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving - he was always so incredibly kind and gentle, a gallant gentleman in every way . . . Two words that come to mind immediately that describe him best - MAJESTIC and REGAL - as he so exemplified them in everything he was and in all that he did. I will forever treasure the time I had with him . . .

It is truly a miracle that he lived to be 26 years of age, as he had many challenging years in his life where he faced extreme neglect and emotional abuse. He physically recovered from this adversity, but never fully recovered emotionally . . . yet throughout his life he remained so kind, loyal, and trusting of humans. The day he came to me I swore to him that he would never again have to experience any kind of abuse, and that he would live the rest of his days like a king - and so he did!

He loved watching his mares foal out and always talked to his newborn foals . . . I would keep the weanlings next to him and he would watch over them, he was such a proud papa! When his favorite mare passed away, our dearest EGYPTIAN EMPRESS (TheEgyptianPrince x Aristocrat mare Drifronna), I put a lock of her mane in his stall with him. He would smell and nuzzle it every day thereafter while in our care . . . . he was truly a compassionate horse.

He was a noble gentleman, never gave anyone a reason to feel anything but admiration and respect for him . . . he won over many people that had previously had adverse ideas about stallions - including his final caretaker, my good friend Wendy Gardner. The first time she came to Montana to meet Handsome she was a bit intimidated by his size (he was a substantial individual standing 15.3 hands tall) . . . she was hesitant to approach him at first, having been around a few stallions in the past that had displayed aggressive behavior. When he lowered his head and nuzzled her to invite her closer, Wendy's heart melted and a love affair began.

He had such an effect on everyone that met him - his grand stature, the dignity with which he presented himself, and his soft, delicate mannerisms. When riding him I felt as though I was on top of the world . . . he had a magnificence that I cannot explain and that I will never forget. Rest easy beautiful boy!

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