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Former Mare

of Dahabi Arabians



1991 Bay Arabian Mare

Sire: PRESIDIO (Negatraz x *Podwika by Comet)

Dam: ARISTO KOPIKAT (Ariston x Four Winds Kitkat by *Wiraz++)

Breeder: Welcome Mountain Arabians

Heart's story is very special as because of her I have met so many incredible people - many of which are still my closest and best friends today, 30 years later!


I first met Heart when she was a coming yearling - she was in a field alone, away from the other horses, standing with her head low to the ground but not grazing as the others were. Her coat was dull and matted, her eyes blank and expressionless, her body thin and angular - even her thick winter coat could not hide the fact that she was severely undernourished.


I had gone to this farm to inquire on a different horse, but upon seeing this young filly I immediately felt protective of her and knew that if I was buying any horse that day it would be her. I asked her owner if she was for sale. We agreed on a price and the filly was mine! I was so excited and could hardly wait to get my new best friend home.


We bonded quickly once she was in my care, and her trust and faith in me continued to strengthen simultaneously with her gaining weight and nutrition. By the following year she was learning to trust other people besides myself, her coat gleamed with good health, but she was still very small and on the thin side. That was the year I met Terry MacPheat and her Arabian gelding Socks. Heart and Socks became great friends - he was strong and powerful (a big, healthy boy!) and she was small and dainty, but they were each others' shadow. Another year went by and Heart was now three years old and flourishing - both physically and emotionally. I was so proud of her! 

It was around this time that I was eating dinner at a cafe with my parents, and I happened to have my keys on the table. On my keyring was a heart-shaped photo keychain that had a picture of Heart in it. When the waitress came to our table she noticed the keychain and asked me if the Arabian in the photo was mine. I said yes, and she told me she knew some people I just had to meet.


The waitress was Kristie Sellers (who became one of my dearest friends) and the people she insisted I meet were Telesha and Merlin Hochstetler of Majik Arabians! An immediate friendship ensued between Kristi and I, and the next month I moved Heart to the barn where she kept her horses - at Jackie Thorpe's place.

That is where I met another great friend, Jenni Johnson. Jenni's mare Rayshah Majik was pasture-mates with Heart and my other Arabian Majik Tsymphony. All these years later, Rayshah Majik is now in her mid-20's and is pasture-mates with my gelding Donato! Anyhow, over the years I owned Heart she taught me so much, gave me so much, and brought so many wonderful people into my life (so many more than I have named here). She will always hold a dear place in MY heart and will never be forgotten. I will always love you Heartsy Girl!

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